5 Ways Rehab Changes the Way you Think for the Better


Making the transition from addiction into sobriety is a big change. It is sure to give people the tools that they need to transform lives in several very positive ways.

In order to successfully make the transformation, many people choose to enter a drug rehab treatment programme. In programmes such as these you have the help and support of addiction counsellors, doctors and even other addicts. They will help you to find the way to a happier and healthier life.

A few ways you can expect your life to change in treatment.

Drugs won’t be the primary focus Any More

After you finish detox, your body will be free of drugs that were clouding your mind and judgement. While urges to abuse drugs and drug thoughts will still be largely present and will make you continue to want to use. You will however begin to gain some clarity and distance from this problem that was enveloping all parts of your life.

Slowly you will be able to analyse and notice these thoughts more objectively. Counsellors will work with you to help identify the deep seated causes of your addiction. That means that your thoughts will begin to centre around more on who you are as a person and where you have come from.

You will Learn to Socialise without Being Under the Influence

While you were addicted to drugs and alcohol you likely spent almost every social interaction intoxicated. Maintaining a lasting sobriety means that you need to learn to socialise while being sober. In treatment you will be around other people who are also recovering.

When you attend the group therapy sessions you will learn to interact socially with them This will give you the chance to meet people as your true self rather than the version of yourself that is altered by drugs or alcohol.

You will be much happier

Addiction is a very frustrating and painful disease, the guilt and shame that comes along with it can lead to depression, in addition to this, many drugs cause depression as they are depressants (AKA downers). And when you are away from them you can suffer from withdrawals.

You will have higher self esteem

Once you have begun to break the addiction you will start to notice that your mood begins to stabilise; the depression and anxiety caused by drugs and addiction will slowly diminish. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and a boost in self-esteem that will increase your overall happiness, you can see this from those who have decided to share rehab stories.

You will Become More Intune with your Actual Needs.

Treatment will mean you will engage in activities like meditation (or if you are religious, prayer). This will help you become much more acutely aware of thoughts and feelings as they appear. Rather than killing your emotions with drugs and alcohol you will begin to experience them. That is the only way you can really find ways of addressing the issues. You will spend a lot of time engaging and reflecting in positive thoughts.

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