5 Ways to Stay Young and Productive at Any Age

Do you believe that for as long as you breathe, your life should be fruitful and productive? If so, you definitely do not bother to think much about the end and, instead, you busy yourself with various pursuits and dedicate your time and energy for the betterment of everything that concerns you.

Humanly speaking, that is indeed a helpful strategy in staying young and productive. Different scientific studies (such as those by Alan Jasanoff, Antonio Damasio, and Daniel Kahneman) explain this mind and body connection. Therefore, it is logical to say that when you free your mind of thoughts on slowing down, your body takes a cue.

Also, when you are dedicated to important goals in life, you learn to take better care of yourself to be healthy. Staying strong and healthy is a must in seeing your goals into fruition.

To ensure you fulfill what you believe to be your life purpose, consider these five other essential ways to remain youthful and fruitful at any age.

1. Manage your weight

Your weight is one of the most important indicators of your physical health. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, staying within the normal weight range automatically lowers your risk of developing certain illnesses such as arthritis, gallstones, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, infertility, and others.

There’s a myriad of methods that you can apply to manage your weight well and stay within the healthy range. Sticking to a healthy diet is one. Having an exercise regimen is another. Taking advantage of healthy weight loss programs should be considered as well.

The bottom line here is to stay within the right weight range so you keep your body and mind youthful for longer.

2. Continue learning

Staying mentally strong is another key to good health, long life, and productivity. Keep using your brain by seeking new challenges and experiencing things that you have never tried before. There is joy in learning and when you have joy, you get to strengthen your immune system.

Likewise, joy can make the different things you do so much easier. It creates the right mindset so that whatever difficulties you may be experiencing do not feel too overwhelming.

3. Invest in what can grow your confidence

Grow your knowledge and skills. Take better care of your body and beautify it to further build your self-confidence. Basically, do what can complete your happiness.

Travel alone, invest in the best acne treatment to cure your skin woes, join a fitness program to get in the best shape of your life, and/or build a power wardrobe that makes looking stylish and in-charge a breeze.

Do not scrimp on what is good for yourself. After all, you can only impart what you already possess.

4. Maintain good friendships

Having positive people around can do so much in keeping your spirit healthy. The dynamics among friends creates opportunities for learning, joy, patience, and other beneficial experiences.

You also cannot overlook the fact that having good friends gives you confidence in the future as well. No matter what obstacles life brings, you can have this sense of comfort within you that there are people who have your back, and will support and uplift you in everything that you need to do.

So, spend time and meet regularly with your friends.

5. Leave negativity behind

Do not drag yesterday’s heartaches, guilt, and problems to today and tomorrow. Negative experiences can derail you from accomplishing your goals. They can create fear and make it difficult to trust others.

When you want to live a long and fruitful life, you cannot go around burdened by the woes of yesterday. You do not drive forward with your eyes on the rearview mirror all the time. The best you can do is learn from the past, and look to today and the future with a fresh perspective and renewed vigor.

A youthful and useful life is all about concentrating on the truly important matters in life. By constantly focusing your attention on what’s good, you will find yourself inspired to live and empowered to make the right actions that can benefit you and everyone else and the causes you care about.


Vandana Luthra founded VLCC in New Delhi, India as a beauty and slimming services centre in 1989. Today, it is widely recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of beauty and wellness products and services and also enjoys a high level of consumer trust. The VLCC Group’s operations currently span 330 locations in over 150 cities and 14 countries across Asia and Africa.

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