Choosing the Right Bpm Songs for Your Workout Regime

Music being the food for our soul doesn’t just cease to benefit us right there. The melodious tones can get our feet tapping but can also help monitor how fast our heart beats every minute. Literally! Exercising with good songs is a great way to fight off the fatigue of a strenuous workout but working on songs that are designed for optimum performance produces even better results. This is where bpm songs come into play.

Beats per minute songs

In the era of technology where you would hardly ever come across anyone moving around without a gadget or portable music player, the playlist that we listen to plays a massive role in how we function. Scientists for over centuries have been figuring out ways to determine how music can enhance our productivity, be it at work or at the gym.

Since our bodies are naturally inclined to respond to the music we hear, it was deduced that playing specially designed songs can help us motivate further. You would be surprised to know that our heart and even our respiration rate is inclined to align itself to the rhythm of the music they are exposed to.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. Finding the songs that are perfectly synchronised to match our body’s response can be tricky. There are so many genres that you can choose from that finding the right; the perfect, playlist can be tricky — the beats per minute phenomenon factors in the number of strides of an average human, that range between 150 and 190 per minute to calculate the effect of any given song. Dividing this by two would leave you with a bpm of 75. To make it easier, most of the hip hop and rap songs around fit in the list of bpm songs.

Different bpms for different exercises

Thinking that the same playlist that you use for running can be used while you are weight lifting or doing some tough core exercises is wrong — the type of bpm songs you listen to vary with the exercises and workout routine you are following. For example, for running, you would need a bpm in the range of 150 and 170 while for walking you would need something in the range of 135 and 140.

Another factor that affects the choice is gender. Females tend to respond better to female singers and have shown better performance rates. Similarly, distractions and concentration spans affect the results too.

120 bpm songs

The songs that fall in the range of 120 beats per minute work best for routines that involve:

  • Weightlifting
  • Core
  • HIIT
  • Swimming

This range covers the most popular types of workout regimes and thus is commonly used too.

So, while you are half tempted to get all scientifically correct about the playlist you put together for your workout, we have something here that might help you. Find your perfect 120 bpm songs playlist by clicking on the link today and get that body sweating at the right rate.


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