India- One of the best destinations for skin treatments

Medical tourism is on the boom in India, at present. There are lots of hospitals and medical centers that offer medical care and treatment that is on par or in fact better than the quality of medical treatments available outside the country. Indian private hospitals have a worldwide reputation for offering the world’s best treatment, even though, our country is only a developing country. The first and the foremost reason is that we have lots of highly qualified doctors and skin Specialist in India. The second reason is that the private hospitals have the highly sophisticated equipment to treat patients across the world. Indian skin specialists are not only educated but also highly experienced because of different kinds of patients come in search of treatment for different kinds of ailments in this country.

Even patients from the UK and US prefer our hospitals because of the high-quality treatments offered and excellent hygiene maintained in Indian hospitals. The Indian hospitals are able to maintain hygiene because of the screening they conduct to prevent communicable diseases like HIV and Hbs Ag. Furthermore, the cost of medical treatments in India is much lower compared to other developed nations. The foreigners who wish to undergo treatment for their ailments have to just book an appointment at one of these hospitals. Thus, quality treatments are just a phone call away!

Foreginers often search for Skin Specialist in Delhi, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. The best time when the foreigners can visit our country is between October and March. The Delhi-the capital city is well-known for treating patients from the UK, US, and many other war-torn countries. These citizens come to India because such a facility is not available in their home country because war has destroyed their country.

Many foreigners come in search of a skin treatment because along with quality treatment, they also get to see the beautiful places around the capital city. Delhi is famous for tourist spots in and around the city. Tourists can enjoy visiting places like Red Fort, Qutb Minar, India gate and Sansad Bhavan Etc. It has up to the minute medical facilities and infrastructure that is on par with European countries. With best dermatologists available in this place, people will never have to go back home disappointed. Recently, there has been a trend to apply for medical visas to travel to this country, especially in Delhi, on a medical tour.

Foreigners come to India, mainly for cosmetic procedures like face uplift, Botox, and many more procedures. Another reason why people come here for a treatment is these treatments are not covered by any medical insurance in their respective countries. For example, if in Korea the cost of nose job would be around Rs. 1lakh or slightly more than that, in India that patients can get the nose job done at Rs. 35,000 with much better results the patient can expect in her home country. According to Neha Pandey, the Director, International marketing, has said in one of her interviews that there has been an upsurge in the number of foreigners visiting Faridabad and Gurgaon for various skin treatments in Gurgaon and Faridabad. Nearly 2000 patients visit these two places every year.

Some of the skin treatments for which India is famous for:

  1. Skin tightening: This type of treatment helps in the additional production of collagen in treated areas and absorption of extra collagen produced in places surrounding them. As a result, with the passage of time, your skin becomes softer and you will look younger and dazzling. This treatment has no or minimal side effects and hence is highly preferred by those who want to look younger, naturally. If you feel the minor heat in the treated areas or swelling, it will go away after a few hours of treatment enabling you to return to work immediately after the laser treatment.
  2. Chemical peel: This method is similar to that of the skin tightening treatment because the main aim of both the treatments is to look younger. In this kind of treatment, one kind of chemical solution is applied all over the face. After some time, the skin will peel off and new skin grows in its place that is smooth and fairer.
  3. Laser skin whitening or bleaching: Many Bollywood stars have undergone such a treatment to lighten the skin tone. It is a chemical process by which the melanin production is controlled by the body. Our complexion is determined by a skin pigment called Melanin. The more melanin you have, the darker you become. When you constantly get exposed to the sun, it also causes tanning of your skin. This method uses a chemical substance to make the skin fairer than before.
  4. Vitiligo treatment: Vitiligo is a medical condition in which the skin loses the pigment called melanin and as a result, the skin in the affected areas becomes white as a result of depigmentation process. The skin doctors use steroid creams and light therapy to bring back the pigment in these affected areas. Of late, tofacitinib citrate is used to bring a person back to the normal skin tone. Re-pigmentation happens after a few months of this skin treatment.

In short, India has been a hot spot for various kinds of skin treatments for foreigners. During the past few years, there has been a boom in theĀ  Indian healthcare industry, both in terms of employment and revenue. Improved results along with sophisticated technology are the main reasons that attract people from all over the world.

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