Is ED treatment right for me?

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) it can be hard to know what treatments are out there and whether you should try treatment at all. Perhaps you’re avoiding intimacy and sex with a partner because you’re worried about the risk of ED, and not able to talk about it with friends?

You don’t need to suffer in silence. In the UK, one survey found that men in their thirties are the largest age group to experience ED problems.

Luckily ED treatments have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, with medication such as sildenafil now being regularly available.

But is ED treatment right for you? And how do you know which treatment will work for you?

See your doctor

The first step if you’re experiencing ED is to visit your doctor. Often ED is the result of an underlying health conditionso it’s important to get checked out. Your doctor can also advise on what might be the best treatment for you. This can include exploring all the different types of medication and what will work best for your lifestyle.

Look at all the options

There are five types of ED medication that you can try,  as well as a range of other treatments; hormone boosting gels if you’re low in testosterone, injections and creams that you apply direct to the penis to increase the blood supply essential to a healthy erection and looking at changing your lifestyle such as cutting out smoking and cutting down on alcohol.

Its important to consider all your options so you feel you’ve got the right treatment for you.

Compare your lifestyle to what’s available

When you consider what is right for you, it’s important to think about your lifestyle too. Each medication has different reaction times, some you can take with food and some you can’t. Some have effects that last four hours and some for up to 36 hours.

If you look at injection treatment you’ll have to be comfortable injecting into your penis. Think about what’s right for you to reduce the impact of treatment on your lifestyle.

Look at other health and lifestyle factors

As well as ED treatment you can also look at other factors that can cause ED, such as reducing stress and anxiety, cutting down on alcohol and unhealthy foods, increasing exercise and quitting smoking.

Combining this alongside ED treatment can significantly reduce your chance of experiencing ED and help you feel confident in your abilities when it comes to sex.

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