Motivating People to Workout: Do Exercise Innovations Work?

Most people need to be motivated to start exercising or to continue with their workout programs. Every workout routine becomes mundane, uninteresting and outright boring in due course of time. Even the most dedicated and lively personal trainer will be unable to keep motivating a majority of their clients because results or outcomes will plateau at some stage.

It should be acknowledged that people work out for various reasons. It could be a desire to lose weight or to stay in shape, to prepare for a marathon or to sport six pack abs, to put on muscles or just to look good. There are stopgap purposes as well, such as weddings, yearly resolutions and other personal or professional objectives. None of these purposes serve as reasons and hence as motivations in the long run. Ordinary people who hit the gym will experience stagnation, sooner or later. There will be no dramatic developments and they would gradually lose interest in their workout routines.

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Personal trainers can always reinvent workout routines but they would always fall back on one of the many tested strategies. There is very little one can do without actual innovation. Since technology is an integral part of our lives, it is only fitting that the innovations are more centered on virtual reality or a digital environment. This is where virtual reality goggles, dynamic headphones and screens connected to bicycles and treadmills among other equipments in the gym come into play. Can they truly innovate exercises and would they be able to motivate people to begin working out or to stay committed to a workout program? The question is yet to be answered but the signs are promising.

Gyms in Singapore are treading the footsteps of fitness centers in Hong Kong and installing stationary bicycles with computers, headphones and virtual reality goggles. Members are being treated to a virtual environment wherein they are exploring a digital world, accomplishing goals and creating or breaking records, their own or of others. There are hundreds of simulations available and members get to choose the type of exercise they want and the kind of virtual world they want to work out in. From cycling to running to horseback riding to racing in the virtual world while cycling or jogging in the real world, there is a myriad of ways to pump in some innovation that is widely available and quite captivating.

Many fitness trainers and gyms around the world are experimenting with such innovations and they have found that such measures indeed motivate people to work out. Those who would have quit are not doing so and people who have always disliked working out at a gym are signing up. In some places in Singapore and Hong Kong, people are actually queuing up to get a taste of a whole new realm. Gyms and fitness centers are being compelled to limit exercise time on cycles and treadmills to fifteen minutes or so to ensure everyone gets a fair chance. If you ask anyone who has been a regular at any gym for years, then she or he would definitely tell you that chasing something in an entertaining virtual world while exercise is much better than staring at the timer and the distance traveled on a treadmill or a stationary bicycle, even if there is a glass window from the floor to the ceiling offering a panoramic view of the ocean.

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