NOLVADEX Works Only Under These Conditions

Tamoxifen is sold under the brand name of Nolvadex. Nolvadex or Tamoxifen is an anti estrogen. At our premium anabolics store – GetAnalbolics you’ll find a range of steroids to choose from. Look no further, as there are several products including Nolvadex for sale.

What are the uses of Nolvadex?

Tamoxifen is used for the purpose of treating breast cancer in both men and women, it also works towards its prevention. It is also used in the case of Albright Syndrome. Both female as well as male bodybuilders consider Nolvadex to be useful for their profession. It is especially helpful after or during a cycle.

Nolvadex should be taken along with strong steroids that are androgenic such as Oxy (Anadrol) and Dianabol, and other testosterone compounds.

If the estrogen levels of the body are high on unusual levels due to usage of steroids, the breast glands experience growth that is undesired. Either way, these steroids – Nolvadex, are used mainly by male bodybuilders rather than female’s ones. Although many may think that this may not be the case for them, however, this is the reason as to why bodybuilders prefer steroids with Nolvadex.

What are the alternatives that one could use instead?

By blocking the receptors of estrogen in the affected body issue, estrogen shows its effect. This constrains the bonding of the receptor with the estrogen. However, it is necessary for one to know that Nolvadex only works as an antagonist for estrogen and it doesn’t do anything to prevent testosterone or other synthetic derivatives that is steroids from getting converted into estrogens. It only fights against them for the receptors of estrogen. The only disadvantage introduced by this characteristic is that after discontinuing the use of Nolvadex one can experience rebound effects such as the estrogen receptors that were freed are now capable of absorbing the estrogens that are present in the blood. Therefore, it is recommended to use Proviron along with the intake of the said product.  

What are the side effects as well as risks involved?

There are always pros and cons of a product. In case of Nolvadex, the side effects that occur are low in doses that are up to 30 mg per day. In exceptional cases, vomiting, hot flashes, nausea, blurred vision as well as numbness is seen. In case of women, unmethodical menstrual cycles are observed that when occur are weaker in the menstrual bleeding, or do not occur at all. This results in missing of the period. Women should also ensure that they do not get pregnant whilst taking Nolvadex. The first signs or symptoms of a possible gynecomastia include feeling light pain when touching the nipples.

What is the dosage for Nolvadex (PCT)?

In case of a moderate cycle the dosage for Nolvadex PCT should be as follows- For day one, 100 mg should be taken. The following ten days, the dosage should be reduced to 60mg. The next ten days, one should intake about 40mg of the product.


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