Rasmivan Shares his Experience with Sri Chinmoy and the Self Transcendence 6 Day Race

“At every moment, we must value not only our successes and achievements but also the efforts we make.”

The above quote by Sri Chinmoy reflects what our lives really should be. Often, we are so caught up with celebrating our success and achievements that we fail to give importance to the very efforts that have been put into it.

Indeed, the stories behind our successes matter too and should be given as much significance as the success itself. This was precisely what was in play when Rasmivan shared his experience with Sri Chinmoy and the self-transcendence 6-day race. Rasmivan was all smiles when he recounted the inspiration he got listening to Sri Chinmoy alone.

To Rasmivan, completing the 24-hour race was an astonishing experience, but the build-up towards the race and all the efforts he had put into it was more vital to him. To him, Sri Chinmoy brought out excellence in him. He talked about having a positive mindset before going into the race.

While recounting his experience, Rasmivan talked about studying meditation with spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy, whom he preferred to call “his Guru.” Studying meditation under the renowned spiritualist himself meant that he learned to draw inspiration from his inner self and find the right blend between his soul and the physical.

Studying with Sri Chinmoy for three years between 2004 to 2007 meant that Rasmivan not only learned meditation but it also became a lifestyle that he used to find inner strength when he needed to achieve great things. At one point, reading quotes from the spiritualist made Rasmivan step into the Sri Chinmoy’s shoes, both as an athlete and as a spiritualist. It was during this time that he learned that becoming great meant that an athlete must integrate short term goals with long term goals because this was precisely the lifestyle of Sri Chinmoy when he was an athlete. His long-term goal was bringing positive change to the world.

Sharing his experience at the 6-days Transcendence race, Rasmivan recounted how despite the difficulty posed by the race at first, he had been able to draw inspiration from his future goals and pressed forward towards completing the race. To him, the race was both a test of strength and faith. Strength in the sense of its physical difficulty, and faith in the sense that it had always been a test of what he truly believed in. Indeed, greatness is born out of constant struggle and push towards success, and the life of the inspiredathlete Rasmivan clearly showed it.

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