Reasons why you should workout outside for your fitness

If you are a gym goer, and even the mere thought of sun and breeze outside irritates you, then you should think over again. Nature is the best to take care of you naturally. So, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should stop hitting the gym and start working out in the open outside.

  • You can exercise for longer

Stop watching TV shows, at least just for now and head towards outside, start to run or job with your jobbing suits on, you will be surprised to see how fast time travels compared to the gym. Nothing is boring while running outside, all new faces, the scenes, the greenery, everything helps you out to combat the boredom. Exercise won’t look so gruelling when you do it outdoors in the open. Your attentions are taken off by the surroundings, and so your effort gets lesser. You won’t be thinking of every sec that how much did you run or the number of fats you burnt. The fact is that your time of exercising might even get doubled without even you knowing about it.


  • More calories will get burnt

When your body goes to the gym, starts working out with elliptical, stationary bike or treadmill, you know exactly how your body is going to stay healthy, which part of your fat will burn more and where your fat is going to burn less. But, if you go outside, the terrains are varied, so your body is facing unknown and complex ways to challenge, which your body might like more. The resistance wind, different temperatures, and many other factors help your body to burn at least 5 to 7 calories more compared to if you were just running on a treadmill.


  • Save Your Money

Going to isn’t cheap. You need to first register in the gym. The registration fee isn’t a small amount. So, you spend quite lot for going to the gym. Going to anywhere also burns gas, so you are also spending on the gas. It might be that you think of making a small home gym for yourself. Buying stuff for the small gym aren’t even cheap, and you are always recommended to buy good quality stuff for your home gym. Why not then find a udendørs fitness udstyr in a park near your neighbourhood? It will save a lot by cutting on your fitness bill.


  • You are going to be happier

Exercising in a gym under the compressed air isn’t of much use, whereas when fresh air outside carries happiness with them. A feel-good type of feelings from the inner heart comes out. Don’t think that muscles respond better under fresh air, but it is the mind. You will feel the energy, revitalization, and thinking positively are what fresh air brings for you. An experiment has found out that around 71% of people get less stressed with a walk of 30 minutes in part, whereas, people who walk indoors amongst them 72% feels more stressed.


  • Fight Germs

In some studies, it is written that gyms are the breeding grounds of germs as well as bacteria. You might get MRSA, which is a very dangerous superbug in the fitness facility. MRSA is resistant to many antibiotics, and it can cause chest pain, rash, wounds, fever, etc. Some other infections that you can get in indoor workout facilities are herp simplex, athlete’s foot, ringworm, and boils. To avoid these, you have to wash your hands more often, change socks daily, wipe the equipment before using it, wear flip-flops when in the shower, and use foot powder. Indoor air is more polluted. In some studies, it showed indoor air twice as polluted as compared to outdoor air. Hope, you never had to move through a gym which is stinking, but if you did, you would know.


  • Your thought process will become clear

Humans were basically outdoor animals, hunting and farming for around 300,000 generations. We are now being industrialized just for only 6 or 8 generations. When you are close to nature, your body will respond much better, your thinking will become clear, and you will enjoy more. We are a part of nature and so at least for sometimes in a day. Let ’s truly be the part of nature.

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