Reasons you should not reschedule dental visits

Who hasn’t been tempted to cancel a dental cleaning appointment because they believe there’s nothing wrong with their teeth? While people with healthy teeth and gums may get away with canceling one dental appointment, the truth is that nearly 50 percent of adults over the age of 30 suffer from some form of gum disease that may lead to more serious dental conditions.

Missing just one dental cleaning could allow a mild case of gingivitis or minor enamel pitting develop into serious gum disease or cavities.

Should You Visit Our Kennewick Dental Office Once or Twice a Year for a Check-up?

Certain lifestyle choices and health/genetic factors increase a person’s risk for experiencing dental decay and gingivitis. Dentists recommend seeing a dentist every six months if you:

  • Smoke
  • Are diabetic
  • Only brush your teeth once a day
  • Eat sugary foods frequently
  • Have a chronic dry mouth (saliva helpls neutralize oral bacteria responsible for tooth decay)
  • Have been diagnosed with weak dental enamel due to childhood illnesses and/or genetics
  • Are 50+ years old. Receding/sagging gums and deteriorating tooth fillings will have a negative impact on an older adult’s oral health

Alternately, young adults who have never had a cavity or bleeding gums and who practice good oral hygiene would probably only need a check-up and cleaning once a year.

Never Reschedule a Dental Appointment if You Suffer Mouth Pain

Tooth pain indicates a cavity, crack or fracture in a tooth has reached the middle of the tooth (dental pulp) where sensitive nerves support tooth health.

When dental pulp is exposed to extreme temperatures and oral bacteria, pain, inflammation and ultimately, infection results unless your dentist fills the cavity.

Bleeding gums is another reason never to reschedule a dental appointment. This indicates a serious gum infection that is causing tiny capillaries to burst in the gums.

Preventative dentistry begins with receiving regular cleanings and exams. Call a Kennewick dental clinic today to schedule an appointment.

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