The Benefits of Botox Treatments

Many have heard of using Botox to deal with the visible effects of aging. In fact, it is often used specifically to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face. Is this the only benefit that Botox provides? No – it is also good for a variety of other conditions, including some that are more medical than cosmetic. Here are four of the top benefits of treatment from Andrea Gray, MD PC:

4 Benefits of Cosmetic Botox Treatments

Botox eliminates or reduces lines and wrinkles – Many wrinkles are the result of undesirable muscle tension in the face. As you furrow your brow, for example, the skin wrinkles as it follows the muscular movement. Botox blocks signals to the muscles, thereby relaxing them – and the wrinkles.

Botox lifts the brow – With age, your brow may sag or appear heavy. This can bring about a tired or angry appearance. Treating this area with Botox lifts it and eliminates the worn-out appearance that goes with sagging.

Botox decreases excessive sweating – Excessive sweating under the arms can saturate your shirts within hours or make it so that even the slightest bit of exercise has you dripping with perspiration. This problem is more common in men, but women can be affected as well. Injections of Botox into the underarm area can dial back or eliminate the sweating.

Botox may reduce migraines – Some people who originally got Botox for their forehead wrinkles have reported that their migraine headaches disappeared after the treatment. That makes it so that if you have migraines and wrinkles, you may get a double benefit from treatment!

These are just the top benefits of getting Botox treatments – there are even more uses of this unique anti-aging option. Just call or stop in at Andrea Gray, MD PC to learn more about cosmetic Botox treatments in Roseburg.

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