What Are The Commonest Forms Of Skin Disease?

Cosmetic Dermatology, also known as aesthetic dermatology, is presently a growing field where more people adhere to skin treatments, not just to treat skin problems, but also to improve looks. However, finding the right dermatologist is a tough task.

You need to find the person who can understand your expectations and offer high-quality service at the same time. They should be the people who can deliver natural results as per your expectations.

Here are the various types of dermatological treatments that you can avail

Our skin plays a critical role in our lives as it forms the outer layer and protects us from the external environment and that’s why it’s important for the skin to remain healthy. The various types of skin problems for which treatment is recommended are:

  1. Acne– This is formed out of a reaction between our hormones, hair follicle section, oil production, bacteria, and follicle openings. Mostly this appears on your face, but it can occur on your shoulders, back, and buttocks too. Treatment ranges from change of diet, gentle washing, and topical preparation and oral medications.
  2. Hair loss- This is also known as alopecia which affects your scalp and might get into your whole body. This can be due to hereditary reasons, medical conditions, and hormonal changes. It may start as hair shedding, poor quality of hair or thinning of hair and balding as well. The treatment regime includes medications, hair transplants, and laser therapy.
  3. Rosacea- This is a skin disease that occurs due to unknown conditions. This surfaces as bumps with red pus. If it becomes intense then it may reflect small blood vessels. Rosacea can also result in your nose to look swollen, known as rhinophyma. Any kind of temperature increase can aggravate this problem.
  4. Squamous cell carcinoma- This is a type of skin cancer that occurs when you are exposed to ultraviolet rays for a longer time. This mostly occurs on the scalp or back of hands and ears, including inside your mouth. This surfaces as tender, slowly growing crusted lump. This may grow into an ulcer. Diagnosis includes a skin biopsy. Treatment features Electrodesiccation and curettage (ED&C), including Surgical excision, Mohs surgery, and Photodynamic therapy.

The range of skin disease is wide and extensive, but the leading dermatology clinics like Clini-Derma have all the right treatments to help you come out of such situations.


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