Why Dental Implants are a Smart Choice?

Do you think there is any better option than dental implants for replacing a missing tooth? No!

Dental implants are an incredible invention in dentistry! Dental professionals consider dental implants as the most advanced treatment for replacing missing teeth in dentistry. Also, several studies show that dental implants have got 99% success rate compared to dentures and bridges.

Come on, let us explore why dental implants in Sydney are a smarter choice.

You can replace all your teeth:

No matter how many teeth you have lost and whatever the reason with dental implants you can restore your single tooth or multiple teeth and even full arch. It is a permanent solution. Can you replace a missing tooth without affecting the adjacent teeth with dentures? No, it is not possible! Having said that, this makes sense why dental implants are a smart choice. Dentures are removable whereas dental implants are inserted into the jawbone to hold the prosthetic teeth firmly.

One time investment:

The dental implants cost in Sydney may look expensive initially but, they are a one-time investment. Dentures and other replacement options may be inexpensive at first but, later on, you have to spend more on maintenance, and it must be replaced often.

With proper maintenance, dental implants can last as long as you live. Apart from teeth implants in Sydney, other restorative options may not last more than 10 years. This is why people who have replaced their missing teeth with dental implants feel that it is the smartest decision they have ever made in their life.

Strength, stability, and natural beauty:

As dental implants are inserted into the jawbone they replace the root of a missing tooth and form a sturdy foundation to hold the crown. Implants are made of a bio-grade material, and it fuses with the jawbone which looks and functions like natural teeth. They provide strength, stability and add beauty to your smile and face. Dentures do not function and look like natural teeth. So, dental implants in Sydney are the smartest choice.

Stimulates bone growth:

Unlike dentures, dental implants stimulate the bone growth and help maintain your jawbone volume and density. Dentures reduce the density of jawbone, leads to deterioration.

Saves money:

If you are replacing a single tooth with dental implants now, and if your one or more adjacent teeth need future restoration, the one implant post you received before can be utilised to support a multi-unit implant bridge later. It helps save money for restoring your other teeth as well.

These reasons explain why dental implants could be an excellent choice than other restorative options when it comes to replacing a missing tooth.

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